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Avini’s Biography Compiled

Avini’s Biography CompiledAvini’s Biography Compiled

A book about the life and works of Iranian writer and documentary filmmaker, the late Seyyed Morteza Avini, has been compiled in 16 chapters.

The author of ‘Avini’s Biography’ Mehdi Mozafari-Savoji said that the book starts with his life and work as narrated by people close to Avini, IBNA reported.

Avini’s films, mostly on the subject of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, and his books, penned in different fields of philosophy, poetry, cinema, graphics, painting and theoretical and religious issues, are introduced in the next three chapters.

A selection of authors, cineastes and critics’ speeches, opinions and memories of Avini and his works as well as letters to him and poems in his honor are presented in nine chapters.

His bibliography and a pictorial album are also included in the book.

A documentary filmmaker, photographer, author and journalist, Avini (1947-1993) was born in Rey, south of Tehran. He received a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Tehran. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, he began making documentary films.

His most known work was the series ‘Revayat-e-Fath’ (The Chronicles of Victory) on national TV from 1986-1988. Depicting the true face of the Iran-Iraq war on the front lines, the series was widely welcomed. Avini himself wrote the script and narrated the scenes.

The launch of the monthly ‘Adabiat-e-Dastani’ (fiction literature) and establishment of the center for ‘Religious Studies of Art’ were some of his other achievements.

Avini was martyred when he stepped on an unexploded landmine in the Fakkeh region in northwestern Khuzestan Province, which he was visiting to resume the series ‘The Chronicles of Victory 1992’.

The young poet and author Mozafari-Savoji, 38, holds a bachelor’s degree in Persian language and literature. His articles on literary criticism and research have been published in several local journals.

Among his works is a long interview with the veteran writer and translator Najaf Daryabandari and a biography of the veteran film director Masoud Kimiai.