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Four Persian Books to Be Translated

Four Persian Books to Be TranslatedFour Persian Books to Be Translated

Four Persian books from Shabaviz publishers will be translated into Portuguese language.

The copyright of the books has been assigned to a Portuguese publisher, said Farideh Khalatbari, director of the publishing house.

The books include ‘You Don’t Scare Me’ and ‘Flight’ by Khalatbari, ‘Snail! What would you like?’ by Hadis Larezgholami, and ‘Sun Sentinel’ by Laleh Jafari.

The copyright of the books were purchased by a Portuguese publishing company at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair (October 8-12). The exhibition was a good opportunity for Iranian publishers to meet other publishers and get familiar with their activities, MNA reported.

Publishers in Portugal have been obliged to select appropriate books from different countries and translate them to Portuguese language, so that Portuguese children can learn about other national cultures as part of their school education.

Last month, another book by Khalatbari titled ‘The Coach’ was registered as one of the five top books on the list of the International Youth Library (IYL).