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Austrians Admire Lorestan Artifacts

Austrians Admire Lorestan ArtifactsAustrians Admire Lorestan Artifacts

Given the high potential of handicrafts in Lorestan Province, Austria is keen to hold a fair of Lorestan’s brass-bronze products in Vienna, said Austrian Ambassador to Iran Friedrich Stift.

In his meeting with Khorramabad Mayor Mohammad Mehrabi, Stift said holding joint Austria-Lorestan exhibitions would highlight historical commonalities shared by Austria and Lorestan, IRNA reported.

The diplomat added that Austria would hold Iran’s Cultural Week with focus on Lorestan.

Mehrabi noted that Khorramabad Municipality “invites investors to implement urban development projects.”

The Austrian ambassador promised to prepare the ground for signing a “sister-cities” agreement between Khorramabad and Innsbruck.

Stift and his delegation paid a two-day visit to Khorramabad and also toured Falak-ol-Aflak Castle.

Lorestan is considered a hub of brass industry. Metalwork in Lorestan dates back to 4th millennium BC.