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Tributes Paid to Siavash Teimouri

Tributes Paid  to Siavash Teimouri Tributes Paid  to Siavash Teimouri

The Iran Architectural Pride Worthies Foundation organized a ceremony last Wednesday to pay tributes to the celebrated architect Siavash Teimouri.

Professors and students gathered at Qasr Prison Museum to pay homage to the acclaimed architect of the second generation of contemporary Iranian architects.

Among those who spoke were Cyrus Bavar, Ardeshir Sirus, Farzad Sepehr, Reza Behbahani, and Iraj Etesam, several of them former classmates of Teimouri. ‘They reminisced on their school years and the warm atmosphere excited the students who were there to honor their cherished professor,” honaronline reported.

Born in 1937 in Tehran, after completing his studies at the University of Tehran’s Art and Architectural School, Teimouri moved to France to complete his PhD in architecture. Aside from his activities in academia, the acclaimed architect has made several noteworthy contributions in the realm of architectural design. Teimouri who is also a member of the board of trustees of the foundation has designed and overseen the execution of more than 150 architectural projects. He has also received the French Association of Architects prize and was the first to prepare “the color theory in architecture and design.”

Teimouri’s artistic endeavors are not limited to architecture. He is also an avid calligrapher and has penned several books on Sufism and mysticism.