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Tehran Art Fair in November

Tehran Art Fair in NovemberTehran Art Fair in November

The first Tehran Art Fair will be held November 10-13 at Goftogoo Park in northwest Tehran.

Secretary of the fair Ayat Qasempur, said that collectors and gallery owners from all over the world will take part in the event, which will boost the economics of art, Honaronline reported.

 “It will also introduce modern and contemporary art of Iran to the world,” he noted. Pointing to the preparations underway for the fair, he added: “So far we have reached deals with the world galleries and collectors to participate in this big cultural event set to be held in a space of 5000 sq m in Goftogoo Park”.

Art fairs are big events where galleries and artists from different nations get together and showcase their works. Such programs are a suitable platform for learning about the art and artists of other countries. Huge financial transactions and deals are also seen at these fairs.