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Corn Husk Artworks

Corn Husk ArtworksCorn Husk Artworks

A sculpture collection by artist Maryam Shahidi, titled ‘Corn Dream’ was recently on view at Vaali Art Gallery in Tehran.

The series, a follow up of two earlier collections under the same title, included 30 sculptures made of corn husks, Honaronline reported.

“Around 16 items were presented in wooden frames as wall hangings and 14 others as table decorative items,” said the artist.

Fresh corn husks are flexible enough to be twisted and shaped. “Yet, when they dry up, they become solid forms. Furthermore, the husks have natural twists and pleats that can take different shapes.”

The final shape of the sculptures is inspired by the natural form of the husks. “No special technique is used in the creation process other than knots and a little warm glue,” she noted.

The figures present motion “in abstract form, creating a unique impression, important to every visitor’s fancy.”

“I learned to look differently at things. I stocked the corn husks instead of throwing them away. Gradually, I started working on them, first creating two figures, one Adam and the other Eve.”

Although she has worked with other materials in sculpture, however, the corn husks became a fixed component in her works, said Shahidi