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33 Artists to Display at Tehran, Dubai Galleries

33 Artists to Display at Tehran, Dubai Galleries33 Artists to Display at Tehran, Dubai Galleries

The group exhibition ‘Fearless: the next wave of artists from Iran’ will open in three galleries in Iran and one in the UAE.

Curated by the veteran painter, sculptor Fereydoun Ave, the exhibition will display artworks by 33 Iranian artists of different generations (from ages 25 to 75 years), Honaronline reported.

While the exhibits will be launched at O Gallery, Aaran Gallery and Lajevardi Foundation in Tehran on Friday (March 11), the Total Arts at the Courtyard in Dubai will showcase the works on March 14.

The paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations encompass both figurative and abstract works, different in style and medium, and created by artists drawing on vastly different social and stylistic influences.

“It is always hard to choose artists from among the many talented ones and our apologies for not including everyone,” Ave said.

He pointed out that artists have been working tirelessly regardless of the market and its demands because they are passionate about their work.

“None of these artists have sought media or market attention as they are obsessed with their work and I am glad to champion their cause.”

Born in Tehran, Ave, 71, studied applied art, theater and film in England and the US. Now he divides his time between Tehran, Paris and sometimes Dubai and London.

His works are in the possession of important museums in the world such as The British Museum, La Caisse des Depot et Consignation, Paris, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

Nasser Bakhshi, Reza Bangiz, Nariman Farokhi, Farhad Gavzan, Hadi Hazavi, Mehrdad Jafari, Kaveh Najmabadi, Sepehr Mesri, Ali Razavi and Parissa Tayebi are among the artists.