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Unique Venues for Art Projects

Unique Venues for Art ProjectsUnique Venues for Art Projects

Four art installation projects were undertaken by students of veteran artist Pouya Arianpour in “less-artistic spaces and bizarre venues” in Tehran urban areas on Friday (March 4).

The idea of choosing unusual venues was supported by Arianpour, and accordingly the installations took shape, Honaronline reported.

Mohsen Gallery in Tehran provided space for the first group of artists, including Sara Gerami, Ehsan Hosseini Raad, Tandis Hakkaki, Roshanak Azizi and Parinaz Goudarzian for their artwork “of fluffy cotton wrapped in yellow chiffon fabric creating circles of cloud,” with fluorescent fibers stretched from side to side.

An abandoned piece of land in Golestan Avenue in Tehran was the place for the second project. Brushwood, a couple of dried trees, scattered junk, a wheelbarrow left in a corner and an iron pipe were the elements used for the installation.

“We selected the space according to the ‘abnormal framework’ set for the installation,” said Maryam Ali-Asghar, a member of the group. “The land is a 200 sq m area surrounded by under-construction towers and high rises, perfect for a vivid imagination.”

The installation is composed of stuff used every day. “Each element carries memories stored in the human mind. The aim was to provide an opportunity to visitors to interpret the installation.”

A dark basement was the third venue, where as the eyes got used to the darkness, the written words gradually appeared in view.

Art in today’s world is not limited to technique, material, time and place. What makes it progressive is the idea exchanged between artist, audience and the artwork.

An unfinished shopping center with 20 units at the junction of Karimkhan-Hafez Avenues was host to the fourth project. The group presented their ideas about “what has happened and or will happen before and after the building is constructed,” in a video art, said Maryam Sabbaghpour, a member of the group.

Pooya Arianpour, 45, was one of the winners in the 2nd International Biennale of the Islamic World Contemporary Painting (2012) and the 5th Tehran Contemporary Painting Biennial (2000).