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‘Chignon for Flight’ on Stage

‘Chignon for Flight’ on Stage‘Chignon for Flight’ on Stage

A fantasy play, ‘Chignon for Flight’, directed by Roshanak Karimi is currently on stage at Honar Theater Hall in Tehran.

The play, a blend of two works by Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965), English author of children’s stories, plays, poetry and satire, is written by Mojtaba Mahdi, Honaronline reported.

In an atmosphere similar to fairy tales like ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, the play is based on the theme that “people usually take two different positions in life. They either inordinately stick to the rules, or choose freedom,” Karimi said. And the materialistic become so obsessed with possessions that they forget to enjoy the beauties of life.

“We tried to move the story from classic form through decoration, clothing and music, to make it attractive for present-day audiences.”

The story is about three young princesses who are competing to have the longest hair by the time they are 20, a condition set by their mother, by which the winner would become the queen. One of these three siblings is the mother’s favorite daughter, who tries to guarantee her success. However, the beloved girl doesn’t care about being selected, and spends her time tending to plants and nature, and wishing for a free life.

“There is a sort of fantasy in the story, although the play is set in a realistic world,” Karimi said, adding that the bright and vivid colors of wigs and clothes, reminds the viewers of ancient fairy tales like Cinderella.

Mohammad Sadeq Malek, Parviz Hajizadeh, Minoovash Rahimian, Mojgan Molaei, Simin Barati, Faranak Hosseini, Hengameh Mofid and Bahram Shamloo are in the cast.

The play will be on stage until March 10 at the hall, located in Varzandeh St., Shahid Mofatteh Ave., Shiroudi Sport Complex, Haft-e-Tir Square.