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New TV Channel on Fashion & Clothing

New TV Channel  on Fashion & Clothing
New TV Channel  on Fashion & Clothing

A local TV channel ‘Lebas TV’ will be launched to coincide with the 5th edition of the Fajr International Fashion and Clothing Festival (March 8 to 12). ‘Lebas’ literally means clothing in Persian.

Organized by officials of the state-owned IRIB, including Farshid Mahmoudi, Shahin Araqi, Mohammad Salimi and Hadi Robati, the channel will operate as ‘a fashion and clothing medium’ sharing designer apparel and related information, Honaronline reported.

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has granted permission to the National Foundation of Fashion and Clothing (NFFC) to manage the channel.

“The broadcasts will adhere to Iranian-Islamic norms, yet they will share many items from today’s world fashion channels,” said an official.  Programs titled ‘Wearing Smart’, ‘Iranian Fashion’, ‘The Clothes Story’, ‘World Fashion’, ‘Outfit No.1’, ‘Design,’ ‘Behind the Scene and The Stage’, are among those being prepared for broadcast.

In Outfit No.1, the styles of a particular social group, like artists, politicians and surgeons, with information about their specific outfit styles, will be shown. Design is a 30-minute show, presenting a step by step description of fashion designing, and Behind the Scene will present the latest news on official events in the apparel sector.

World Fashion covers global fashion events, mostly focused on men’s wear.

‘Outfit Consultation’, is expected by the organizers to be warmly received by the viewers, as it will bring a popular figure face to face with a fashion designer, who will recommend what to wear.

In addition, there is another program, titled ‘Dresser’, which presents photos and videos of important fashion events. Each month, several brands, fashion houses and designers will be introduced, promoting interaction between the apparel industry and the clientele.

Salimi, a TV presenter emphasized that a TV broadcast should cater to the preferences of the audiences.”The Fajr fashion festival as a group, tries to expand interaction with various sections of the society and to assess their opinion of the clothing industry so as to incorporate their views in the channel’s programs.”

If Iran’s fashion industry is to develop, then fashion expos should be regularly held.  “A noticeable measure by the NFFC is holding fashion expos in various provinces and not just in Tehran.”

Iranian-Islamic fashion should be extended to the international arena. The collaboration of ethnic groups, who wear Kurdish, Lurish and Balouch styles of clothing, is important in this regard.

Twenty-two guilds and associations will take part in the festival, which seeks to present Iranian-Islamic patterns. The festival will be held at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall.