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Performance at UN to Support War Victims

Performance at UN to Support War Victims Performance at UN to Support War Victims

Iranian theater and mime artist Yaser Khaseb will stage a performance in support of victims of war at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva.

In the performance, that will be staged during the 31st regular session of the Human Rights Council (February 29-March 24), Khaseb will be accompanied by a war victim who is a musician as well, Mehr News Agency reported.

Khaseb, who currently has ‘Dance of Death Blala’ (lullaby) at Iranshahr Theater Complex in Tehran as a joint production of Iran and Germany, will stage three performances in Geneva from March 8 to 12.

In September 2014, he had a duet performance of body and piano together with the Iranian-Assyrian music composer Honiball Yousef in the open area in front of Tehran’s City Theater in Daneshjou Park which was a protest against the brutalities of the militant group Islamic State (IS).

Last November, Khaseb participated in the 5th MIMESIS Biennale of Mime and Gesture Arts in France where he staged two performances of his acclaimed puppet pantomime ‘Mysterious Gifts’ in solo improvisation style.

Two months ago, he had another performance against violence and extremism at Charsou Cineplex in Tehran.

Khaseb, 34, studied acting and mime at the University of Tonkabon in northern Iran. His work is a mix of dance, mime, theater and puppetry.

He has won several awards for his performances.