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Ceramic Sculptures in Metallic Colors

Ceramic Sculptures in Metallic ColorsCeramic Sculptures in Metallic Colors

An art exhibition ‘The Sound of Clay’ by Iranian sculptor and architect Goli Entezari, opened on Friday (March 4) at Tehran’s Etemad Gallery.

Around 230 small and large ceramic sculptures, covered with metallic colors, including copper, gold and platinum are displayed, Honaronline reported.

The bell-shaped sculptures are mostly decorative items, with layers of green, white and azure and covered with an extra layer of metallic colors, said Entezari.

“My works are a blend of architecture and sculpture and can be described as decorative items,” she said.

In an introduction to the exhibition, the artist says: “Cultural concepts and their historical backgrounds have been repeatedly used in the designs. A mysterious element inspires me; by providing sound to clay that has absorbed various vibrations since eternity, I provide life to my artworks.”

Entezari, 33, is an architecture graduate from the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus.

The exhibition will run until March 11 at the gallery located at No. 4, Boukan St., Mousavi Ave., Yasser Ave., Yasser Sq., Niavaran neighborhood in Tehran.