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Play Reading for Charity

Play Reading for CharityPlay Reading for Charity

The play ‘Three Nights with Madox’, directed by Fahimeh Moein, will be read out as part of a charity program organized by the Barakat Foundation, on March 5 at Charsoo Cineplex.

A 1994 work by Romanian-French playwright, poet and journalist, Matei Visniec, the play (originally titled ‘Trois nuits avec Madox’) is translated by Teynoush Nazmjou, Mehr News Agency reported.

In the story, five characters meet in a remote motel. Each of them claims to have spent the last three nights in different locations with someone called Madox. Meanwhile, Madox is in a room on the second floor of the motel. All wait for him to come down for questioning.

“Influenced by Eugène Ionesco, Romanian-French playwright and Irish avant-garde novelist Samuel Beckett, Visniec plunges us into absurd theater. The play is more influenced by Beckett,” said the director.

“The absurd can be comical, but basically the play shows human pathos. The humor is cynical and we see that the characters are trapped in a cage. They are pretentious facing each other and are not able to communicate.”

Saam Nouri, Javad Yahyavi, Fariba Naderi, Majid Yaser and Behnoud Mohammadipour are the theater artists who will read out the play, with scene narration by Sharareh Alami.

The Barakat Foundation is dedicated to creating entrepreneurs, building schools and infrastructure in remote and underdeveloped regions. It is affiliated to the Setad, a special office for executing the decrees of the late Imam Khomeini in helping the underprivileged.