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Jafari-Jozani to Unveil ‘Cyrus the Great’ Script

Jafari-Jozani to Unveil ‘Cyrus the Great’ ScriptJafari-Jozani to Unveil ‘Cyrus the Great’ Script

The book ‘Cyrus the Great’ by Iranian screenwriter and filmmaker Masoud Jafari-Jozani will be unveiled at a Book City branch on Alef Street, Zafaraniyeh neighborhood in northern Tehran on March 4.

Jafari-Jozani who is preparing to make a historical epic movie about the ancient Persian empire of the Achaemenids titled ‘Cyrus, the Great’ will unveil his film script in the book published by Trita Publications.

The unveiling ceremony will be held in the presence Jafari-Jozani, 67, and other cineastes and cultural figures, reported.

The script is the result of years of extensive research by the 67-year-old veteran filmmaker, who has a master’s degree in cinema from the San Francisco State University. In his feature films and TV series, he generally deals with heroic subjects with a historical and epic tone.

Producer Ali Moallem is involved in the film production, but it has yet to take off.

Established by Cyrus (580-529 BC), the Achaemenid Empire was the first Persian empire in western and Central Asia.

Cyrus is best remembered for his great tolerance and noble attitude towards the nations he conquered. He is also famous for the declaration of the first Charter of Human Rights known as Cyrus Cylinder.