‘Insomnia’ at 3 Galleries
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‘Insomnia’ at 3 Galleries

A group painting exhibition, ‘Insomnia’, by young artists is currently on view at Damounfar, Assar and O Galleries in Tehran.
Curated by skilled artist, Pooya Aryanpour, the collection includes 50 works by 20 artists created during the last decade, “depicting a modern and innovative view of art,” Honaronline reported.
“The exhibition is focused on the young generation’s state of insomnia or sleeplessness that results in a form of social delirium, forgetfulness and an acute state of restlessness,” said Aryanpour.
‘Insomnia’ tries to convey the imaginative side of the artists creating art from the state of the mind that can either trigger the imagination and creativity or result in anxiety and incoherence.
The exhibited works are mostly surrealistic, inspired by human dreams, sometimes sweet and colorful and sometimes bitter. In some paintings, a trace of old incidents, narrated by the artist’s subconscious is clearly recognizable, she added.
Nasim Taghipoor presented two works from her collection ‘A Pair of Foot’, created with acrylic paint on paperboard and canvas. Maryam Sabbaghpour, another artist, presented one artwork from her collection ‘Voice’, created with charcoal, acrylic paint and pastel on paperboard. ‘Everyone Dies’ is a collection by Bahar Alizadeh.
Milad Mahmoudi, Amin Montazeri, Zartosht Rahimi, Soraya Sharghi and Sourena Zamani are among the other artists whose works are exhibited at the galleries.
Aryanpour, 45, is regarded as one of Iran’s well-established artists.  With a master’s degree in painting and years of experience as a professional artist with exhibitions worldwide, she is an avid educator as well as active in organizing and curating exhibitions promoting young artists.
The exhibition runs through March 4.


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