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New Wave Theater Stages Sarah Kane’s ‘4:48 Psychosis’

New Wave Theater Stages Sarah Kane’s ‘4:48 Psychosis’New Wave Theater Stages Sarah Kane’s ‘4:48 Psychosis’

The New Wave Theater (Moj-e No) is staging ‘4:48 Psychosis’ a play by English playwright Sarah Kane.

In its one year of activity, the theater has tried to bring on stage productions based “on novel artistic and experimental criteria with a special alternative view on drama as a form of art,” Honaronline reported.

On why he chose to take ‘4:48 Psychosis’ on stage, the director of the play, Ali Akbari said Kane belongs to a group of contemporary writers who was successful in a specific form of stage writing in an age where competition between theater, cinema and satellite channels is a prevailing trend.

“That was what attracted me to her play,” said Akbari, “Moreover, this particular play, enjoys certain characteristics from the structural point of view as well as content.”

The structure of “4:48 Psychosis” is very close to today’s situation and the mindsets of people around the world. Apart from the content, the structure conveys certain events that happen on the stage.

“It was the main thing that drew me to the performance.”

The play narrates the story of a woman who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In the process of the treatment, she finds herself caught in a one-sided relationship with her therapist that works as a catalyst to other incidents.

Akbari said issues like racism, discrimination, war, media criticisms, love, frustration and social violence against women are all included in the play, performed in a post-modern style.

Sarah Kane is an eminent figure in the world’s dramatic literature and this is the first time that one of her works is on stage in Iran. “Some, in Britain, consider her work as a continuation of Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter,” Akbari said.

The 40-minute play starts at 8 pm and will be on stage till March 20 in Moj-e No Theater Hall at No. 57, East Rudbar Street, Mirdamad Avenue, Tehran.