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‘Marvels of Things’ on View

‘Marvels of Things’ on View‘Marvels of Things’ on View

A solo painting exhibition by young surrealist artist, Nasim Davari, is underway at Aaran Art Gallery in Tehran.

Titled ‘Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing’, the collection is on view for the second time, Honaronline reported.

As in her first show, the exhibits offer glimpses of her humanity, “in a world that is constantly evolving,” Davari said.

Animal figures are combined with human forms in surreal art. That which is new is incredible and astounding, she says of the display.

The artist’s personal cosmology “is to defy the viewers’ aesthetic perceptions with the hybrid forms” as featured in the paintings. Bright, soothing and strong colors are unique features of Davari’s works.

A distinguishable feature in the works is an ironic version of the ‘Bird and Flower,’ an ancient Persian painting style. “The difference between the original bird and flower style and the version I’ve portrayed is that in the original, the birds are healthy, yet in my works, they are in pain.”

Davari said she has taken the title for her exhibits from the famous work of cosmography ‘Marvels of Creatures and the Strange Things Existing’, by Abu Yahya Zakariya’ ibn Muhammad al-Qazwini (1203–1283),  physician, astronomer and geographer, who presented his surreal illustrations along with his treatises.

The exhibition will run through March 3 at the gallery located in No. 12, Dey St., North Kheradmand Ave., Tehran.