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Call for Int’l Fashion Coop.

Call for Int’l Fashion Coop.Call for Int’l Fashion Coop.

The 5th Fajr International Fashion and Clothing Festival has welcomed international fashion ideas and information to complete the ‘Iran Fashion Guidebook’.

The guidebook is planned to be unveiled at the festival which opens on February 29, Honaronline quoted Javid Shirazi, former director of Fashion House Institute, as saying.

Comprising two parts, the first or promotion section will provide readers with information about Iran’s fashion industry, apparel designers and the overall fashion background and potentials; the second part is for advertisements and textile materials, introducing promising domestic brands and producers.

“A subsection in the second chapter will create a link between fashion and accessories designers,” Shirazi added.

Furthermore, a professional website on fashion designing is being launched besides the book, with daily updates.  International designers and enthusiasts of Islamic clothing have been asked to send their brochures, pictures or fashion ideas, to enrich the guidebook.

The submitted works by international participants will be judged by the Iranian Working Group for Organizing Fashion and Clothing and the best will be awarded.

Shirazi further noted that the guidebook would be published and distributed for the wide range of addressees, from activists in fashion industry to the public, “that also are the final consumers”.

Festival director Hamid Qobadi said major preparations have been made for the event, focusing on quality and aesthetics.

Twenty-two guilds and associations will take part in the event, which seeks to present Iranian-Islamic patterns.

The festival will take place in two sections: competitive and non-competitive, with the former including domestic designs (women, men and children’s clothing, as well as designs of clothing, shoes and bags). International fashion designers, fashion and clothing art institutions, domestic clothing industry, and Islamic-Iranian apparel will feature in the non-competitive section.

Co-organized by the fashion working-group and Iran Cultural Foundation Guilds, the festival will run through March 10 at Tehran Vahdat Hall.