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Second Sundial Festival in Tehran

Second Sundial Festival in  TehranSecond Sundial Festival in  Tehran

The first Sundial Festival was held two years ago and received acclaim; the works presented were noteworthy. “This year, the presentations will hopefully be of better quality,” Abbas Eftekhari, president of the second Sundial Festival said.  

More than 50 artists have taken part in the second round, which starts on November 11, and 80 works have been submitted. “A more widespread attendance was expected. Advertising however, might have been insufficient,’ Mehr News reported the official as saying.

“Meanwhile, the jury has selected 35 works and the artists have been contacted,” he further said.

The prize amount for the first five winners is $1500 each and artists, whose ‘scale models’ are showcased, will receive $ 150.

The official expressed hope that if the festival administrator, the Organization of Tehran Beautification, provides the necessary funding and space, the winners can recreate their works on a bigger scale, which will then be installed in different areas of the city. However, “this is still an idea and no promises have been made regarding the matter.” 

 Lack of Support

Another reason why not too many artists are attending this year’s festival might be due to the fact that after the first festival, “the necessary support was not provided for the winning works to be recreated on larger scales to be installed in the city,” he maintained.  There is no complete assurance this year too, he added.

The official stressed the importance of funding so that artists would “have more incentive to take part in the sundial festivals.”

The festival is organized with the help of the Artists and Sculptors Forum. The goal of the festival is to promote artistically creative and urban-friendly designs. If the crafted sundials are installed in the city, “the contemporary yet atavistic designs will create an opportunity for citizens, the younger generation especially, to familiarize themselves with earlier scientific concepts of time.”   

The closing ceremony of the two-week festival will be held on November 25 at the Barg Art Gallery of the Eyn-ed-Dowleh Mansion, located at Jamali st., Vafamanesh st., Heravi Sq. Pasdaran, Tehran.