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Hakimi’s Calligrams on Show

Hakimi’s Calligrams on Show Hakimi’s Calligrams on Show

Artworks by veteran calligrapher Jamshid Hakimi are on display at Tehran’s Aseman cultural art complex, affiliated to the Iranian Academy of the Arts.

The collection includes 60 items, created from 1978 to 2015. The earlier classic works are inspired by ancient Persian scripts ‘Nastaliq’ and ‘Shekasteh-Nastaliq’; gradually traces of modernism and post-modernism appear in the newer works. His most recent items are inclined to paintings, moving away from traditional calligraphy towards calligram, Honaronline reported.

The series includes nine classic works, featured under the title ‘Memoir’ and 36 items, under ‘Freedom’.

Hakimi was trained under the late master of calligraphy, Reza Maafi (1943-1982). Maafi was among the first influential calligraphers who impacted the art of calligram (a word or piece of text in which the design and layout of the letters creates a visual image related to the meaning of the words themselves) in contemporary art.

A combination of painting and calligraphy under the influence of his other master, renowned painter and sculptor Hossein Zenderoudi, make Hakimi’s works unique.  “I believe black ink is the most appropriate material for works of calligraphy, and colored inks ruin the work.”

The 10-day ‘Retrospective of Calligraphy Paintings will run through February 29 at the gallery, located at No. 47, Shirkouh St. Fallahi St. Vali-e Asr Avenue.