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Honor for German Professor of Oriental Studies

Honor for German Professor of Oriental StudiesHonor for German Professor of Oriental Studies

German Professor Ulrich Marzolph, an expert in Islamic studies and Persian folklore literature, will be honored at the Book House in Tehran on Saturday, (Feb. 27) for his 35 years of studies on Iran.

Marzolph, 63, a professor at the Georg-August University, Germany, studied Persian Literature at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in Iran and later got his Ph.D from The University of Cologne in oriental studies.

At the event, director of the Book House Majid Gholami-Jaliseh and Roxana Zenhari, a student of Marzolph will deliver speeches, ISNA reported.

One of Marzolph’s great works on Persian literature is ‘Shahnameh Album’, which is a narrative lithographic illustration of Ferdowsi’s epic poetry book of Shahnameh (book of kings).

For many years he has collected all the copies of lithographs published about the book and studied them. The book is a unique collection of Iranian art in the 19th century.

His other works include ‘The Arabian Nights: An Encyclopedia’ (two volumes), ‘The Arabian Nights in Transnational Perspective’ and ‘Oral Literature of Iranian Languages Other Than Persian’.