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Russia Guest of Honor at 2016 Tehran Book Fair

Russia Guest of Honor  at 2016 Tehran Book FairRussia Guest of Honor  at 2016 Tehran Book Fair

Russia is the guest of honor at the 29th edition of the Tehran International Book Fair, slated from May 4 to 14.

“The presence of Russia at the event could provide a valuable opportunity to extend cultural ties between the two countries,” said Deputy Culture Minister Seyed Abbas Salehi in a meeting with the director of the 29th Moscow Book Fair, Sergei Kaykin, in Tehran on Thursday (Feb. 25), IRNA reported.

Noting Iran’s strong presence in the 28th Moscow Book Fair, Salehi said, “We got different cultural departments to enhance collaboration between the two sides in various fields,” and pointed to the attendance of prominent university representatives and instructors and local publishers and translators on Russian works, at the event.

Russia is active in supporting academic Iranian studies and “Iran’s reciprocation to Russia will contribute to further bilateral understanding.”

Kaykin said signing cultural contracts and memorandums of understanding in the fields of book publishing, tourism, Iranian studies and language training during the annual Tehran book event would help pave the way for closer cultural interaction.

Russia will be active at the Tehran book fair and “we have plans to organize programs in different areas of Russian culture in order to create an opportunity for Iranians to get familiar with our culture,” Kaykin said.

The recent meeting with university professors for Russian language held at the University of Tehran “gave us a clear picture of Iranian interest in Russian literary works,” he said.

Russia as the guest of honor at the TIBF would further deepen cultural relations between the two sides.

The 29th Tehran International Book Fair will be held in Sun City, near the Imam Khomeini International Airport in southwest Tehran.