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473 Foreign Reporters for Feb. 26 Elections

473 Foreign Reporters for Feb. 26 Elections473 Foreign Reporters for Feb. 26 Elections

Until Tuesday, (Feb. 23), a total of 473 foreign journalists and correspondents from 29 countries were okayed to cover the elections for the Majlis and the Assembly of Experts, slated for February 26.

According to the Foreign Media Department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, 241 news media including 93 non-resident groups affiliated to 84 media as well as 148 permanent representative offices of foreign media in the country are to cover the two elections, Mehr News Agency reported.

The non-resident media will send 177 reporters from 46 TV or radio channels, 32 journals and six news agencies or news websites; while the resident offices have 296 representatives who will cover the two polls.

Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, China, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, the Netherlands, the UK and the US are among the countries who will broadcast election-related news and views to the world.