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Joint Play on Migrant Crisis

Joint Play on Migrant CrisisJoint Play on Migrant Crisis

The Iran-Italy joint theater production ‘Fathers, Mothers and Kids’ written and directed by Arash Abbasi will be staged in Italian cities in June.

Abbasi who staged the play at Tehran’s City Theater last November during Iran’s Resistance Theater Festival, uses a cast of Italian, Russian and French actors in the work.

A joint project of Iranian Moj Troupe and Italian Cantieri Meticci Theater Group, the play focuses on the theme of migration and humanitarian crises in Europe and harsh human conditions in refugee camps, ISNA reported.

Popular actress Ladan Mostofi is a new member of the cast. “I added a new chapter to my play for Mostofi and changed other stories so that the new performance will be different from the earlier one,” Abbasi said.

Abbasi and Mostofi previously cooperated in ‘The Author Is Dead’, another performance by Moj Troupe, which was staged in several Italian cities including Rome, Bologna, Milan and Venice, back in 2014.

The director pointed out that issues such as war, immigration and the Middle East are among the main themes of the play while a broader sense of the relationship between parents and children is also presented.

On its performance in other European countries, Abbasi said, “We have offered the video of the show to other countries and as they find the topic interesting, we have received some invitations, but are still having discussions to finalize a deal”.