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Abe’s Advisor, Minister Call for Closer Bonds

Abe’s Advisor, Minister Call for Closer Bonds Abe’s Advisor, Minister Call for Closer Bonds

Katsuyuki Kawai, special advisor to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, met Ali Jannati, minister of culture and Islamic Guidance in Tehran on Tuesday (Feb. 16), and discussed ways to enhance cultural relations.

Kawai pointed to cultural exchanges as an important means of strengthening relations among nations and emphasized that “in addition to leaders, people also greatly contribute to the process.”

The Japanese people have a special understanding of Iran. “To them Middle East is synonymous with Iran and vice versa,” he said.

Referring to the Abe’s upcoming visit to Iran, he called for organizing cultural programs in Japan with the help of the Iranian Embassy, IRNA reported.

Describing Iran as a country with an ancient civilization, Kawai said that Tehran and Tokyo can undertake joint ventures in different fields of culture and history.

Jannati referred to the huge potential for cultural and artistic cooperation between the two sides and said that one of the areas which can and should be considered is the film industry.

“For Iranians, Japan is known for producing popular TV series. In the 1980s, the state TV aired several Japanese movies and series and now there are possibilities for mutual cooperation in this regard.”

The two nations can get familiar with each other’s culture and civilization through books. “Several titles on Japan have been translated and published in Iran, many of which are written by Iranian lecturers and academics in Japanese universities.”

He also called for building collaboration in areas such as theater, visual arts and calligraphy and stressed the need to hold cultural weeks and art exhibitions in the two countries.

Exchanging university students and academia as well as signing agreements to cooperate on preserving ancient historical works, were other areas discussed.

Iran and Japan signed a cultural cooperation MoU in 1957 which should be reconsidered and renewed to include all aspects of art and culture of the two nations, Jannati said.