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‘Saint Mary’ to Be Aired on S. Africa’s ITV

‘Saint Mary’ to Be Aired on S. Africa’s ITV
‘Saint Mary’ to Be Aired on S. Africa’s ITV

Iranian TV series ‘Saint Mary’ will be shown on South Africa’s Islam TV (ITV).

Directed by Shahriar Bahrani almost 14 years ago, the series was handed over to the ITV as a cultural exchange.

ITV CEO Farhad Omar thanked the producers of Iranian religious films for highlighting Islamic and Qur’anic concepts in their productions and said he believes the serial will be warmly welcomed in Africa.

ITV is a South African local community broadcasting television station which has at least a 10 million audience.

‘Saint Mary’ is a 2000 Iranian series, depicting the life of Mary, mother of Jesus, based on the Qur’an and Islamic tradition.

The serial bases the story of Saint Mary’s life up to the birth of Jesus. Along with the character of Saint Mary, the series also features the righteous character of Zechariah, father of John the Baptist who (in Islam) is considered to be a prophet and the guardian of Saint Mary. Shabnam Gholikhani and Parviz Pourhosseini play the roles of Mary and Zechariah in the series respectively.

Poster of the series.