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Victoria Afshar Honored

Victoria Afshar HonoredVictoria Afshar Honored

Negarestan Garden is hosting an exhibition by the veteran Iranian fabric designer and teacher, Victoria Afshar, from February 14 to 28, to honor her inspiring efforts in the field.

Co-organized by the Tehran Beautification Organization and ‘Tandis’ Persian art magazine, designs, photos and documents by the artist have been displayed and a biography video clip of Afshar, directed by Houman Hasani, was screened, Honaronline reported.

The event is part of the 52nd Conference on Art Research, when art researchers Mehran Houshyar and Nahid Abdi will deliver speeches to introduce and venerate the veteran artist.

Octogenarian Victoria Jahanshahi-Afshar was instructed under art masters Shokouh Riazi and Victoria Daneshvar.

She holds a Ph.D in painting from the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. She is a member of the scientific board in Tehran University of Art and teaches professional courses on fabric design, traditional dyeing, textile printing and batik (a technique of wax resist-dyeing).

Her professional resume includes numerous research articles on art and she has authored five volumes on handicrafts and dyeing techniques. Her works were featured at the international art exhibition in Berlin in 2002.

The garden is located at Daneshsara Ave., Baharestan Sq., Tehran.