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‘Haunted’ on Stage

‘Haunted’ on Stage ‘Haunted’ on Stage

The play ‘Haunted’ directed by Behnam Ahmadi, is currently on stage at Tehran’s Da Theater Hall.

A production of ‘Papatiha’ Theater Group and written by Farshad Jafari, it narrates the life story of ‘Javad’, the main character, from 1953 to 2015, by three ghosts.

Javad is one of the three well-known men in the local bazaar who was burnt to death in an old bathhouse years ago.  His lifetime is simultaneous with some turning points in Iran’s history, including the 1953 coup d’état, (when the democratically-elected prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, was overthrown).

The play is a narration of all the events by the “three ghosts in a realistic manner by the actors, yet the settings are surreal.”

The hall was selected for the show, as it actually is an old bathhouse, to match the story, Ahmadi added.

Sina Balahang, Mehdi Shahedi and Bahareh Radmand are the cast for the 60-minute play which will be on stage until March 5 at the hall.

the venue is located at No. 26, Jahanmehr St., Shahid Gomnam Ave., Fatemi Sq., Tehran.