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500 Artworks Adorn Qasr Garden-Museum

500 Artworks Adorn Qasr Garden-Museum500 Artworks Adorn Qasr Garden-Museum

Qasr Garden-Museum is hosting 500 artworks by over 70 artists and academic professionals in art in the fields of painting, sculpting, relief and ‘khatam’ (Persian version of marquetry) for a month from February 14.

Iranian artists from Azarbaijan to Bandar Abbas are participating in the exhibition organized in collaboration with the Fara (Art) Group, said event secretary Mansour Azadkam.

The prices for the artworks range from 3 million rials ($90) to 400 million rials ($11,600), ISNA reported.

“All works on display are original works of the artists and have an ID. Anytime the buyers of the works change their mind we, at Fara group, will re-purchase the work and put it back in our collection,” said Azadkam.

The art group offers pre-purchase services to the visitors, giving them advice on how to decorate their home or office with the artworks they purchase, and even offer customized artworks.

“Buyers send us a picture of their home or work place or anywhere they wish an artwork to be displayed and our artists create it for them based on their request.”

Contrary to previous rounds by the group, at the 5th exhibition visitors will decide the top artwork for an award. The winner will receive a trophy and an Azadi gold coin.

“We look at art from an aesthetic perspective and everyday life of the people. This is an aspect that has been mostly overlooked in Iran and artists usually create works to appear in foreign museums, expos and galleries.”

There are also plans to hold auctions every week during the exhibition which will run through March 14.  A former prison, Qasr Garden-Museum is located in Police Square, Shariati Street in Tehran. The exhibition is open to the public from 10 am to 8 pm.