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Soul-Searching in Paintings

Soul-Searching in PaintingsSoul-Searching in Paintings

A painting exhibition titled ‘Places Not Gone’ by artist Hamid Hadinejad is underway at Afrand Art Gallery.

The paintings, created by pencil and ink, portray human and animal forms, which in the viewer’s eye, might even take the shape of a tool, Honaronline reports.

“The paintings reflect the inner feelings of human beings as reflected from external expressions. The drawings are my impressions of the outside world,” the artist said.

Drawing or every creation of art comes from the soul, Hadinejad said.

“The exhibited paintings are the result of introspection, an inner soul-searching.”

On the lack of colors in his paintings, he said: “Colors are not decorative elements in my work, but show my mood. The paintings exhibited are mostly black and white, and lines play a major role in depicting the figures and forms. The only color used is a rare grey hue.”

The exhibition runs through February 19 at the venue, located at No. 48, 19th St., Jahan Ara Ave., Yousefabad neighborhood in Tehran.  

Hadinejad, 42, is a graduate in painting from the Tehran Academy of Art. Solo exhibitions in galleries Afrand (1994), Seyhoun (1995, 1996, 2010, 2012), Sa’dabad (1996), Kayhan (1997), Sepahry (1996), Abbasi (2004) and Elaheh (2013) in Tehran and Culltor (1999), Paleo (2002) and T27 (2006) in Berlin are in his professional resume.