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Mix of Iranian-Spanish Music in US

Mix of Iranian-Spanish Music in USMix of Iranian-Spanish Music in US

Iranian young traditional vocalist Mohammad Motamedi will hold concerts in the US, where accompanied by the Spanish singer Rosario Guerrero, he will present a combination of Iranian classical music and Spanish flamenco.

The concerts are slated for late March and the mix of Iranian and Spanish music will make the best use of both musical forms and their capabilities, Mehr News Agency reported.

Motamedi and Guerrero, composers of the Iranian and Spanish parts of the performance titled ‘Ode’ will be accompanied by six musicians on guitar, Iranian kemanche (a bowed string instrument), percussion, and palmas (a style of hand clapping).

The concerts will be reportedly hosted by New York’s Carnegie Hall, Cleveland’s Museum of Art in Ohio, Lisner Auditorium in Washington DC, and Art House Gallery and Cultural Center in Berkeley, California.

Motamedi, 37, who also plays ‘ney’ (a Middle-Eastern wind instrument similar to flute), has held several concerts in and outside the country and won some awards.

So far, the ‘Ode’ has been performed in Jeres Flamenco Festival (southern Spain), Seville Flamenco Festival, Morgenland Festival in Germany, Amsterdam Flamenco Festival, Madrid Flamenco Festival, Rome Flamenco Festival and Austrian Krems Festival.