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‘Death of Yazdegerd’ on Stage

‘Death of Yazdegerd’ on Stage‘Death of Yazdegerd’ on Stage

The historical play ‘Death of Yazdegerd’, directed by Soheil Babaei, will go on stage from February 14 at Sangelag Theater Hall in Tehran.

A brilliant work by outstanding screenwriter Bahram Beizaei, the play will be performed after a two-decade hiatus. It was first staged in 1979 at Tehran City Theater, Honaronline reports.

The story presents the sensitive period in the late Sasanian Empire (224 to 651 AD), the last Persian empire before the advent of Islam, and the death of Yazdegerd III, the 38th and last king of the time who ascended the throne in 632 AD when he was only 8 years old after a series of internal fueds.

“The special atmosphere running through the play and the dramatic and challenging dialogues are the reason why I chose it,” said the director, adding that the dialogues are so much in sync with the plot that even one sentence can’t be omitted.

Soheil Babaei, Sima Shokri, Mahsa Anjedani, Arash Rezaei, Sadeq Borqe’i, Pouya Beigi and Mohammad Parsa are the cast for the show.

The play will be staged for a month at the hall, located opposite City Park, Behesht St., Hafez Avenue.