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Sadighi Bust for Roudaki Hall

Sadighi Bust for Roudaki HallSadighi Bust for Roudaki Hall

The bust of prominent Iranian sculptor and painter, Abolhassan Sadighi (1904-1995), will be unveiled at Roudaki Hall in Tehran at a commemoration ceremony slated for February 20.

The ceremony will be jointly organized by Kamal-ol-molk Academy of Art, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Tehran Beautification Organization, Honaronline reports.

Ozra Khorshidi, director of the academy said the bust is created by acclaimed sculptor Jafar Najibi. “It will be unveiled as part of an earlier project, when the busts of several prominent Iranian artists and scholars were unveiled.”

The ceremony is aimed to honor the master of art, Sadighi and “to further promote the 105-year old academy to the people.” It will be attended by veteran sculptors, painters and visual artists.

An exhibition of his works of art is among the programs slated for the event.

Abolhassan Sadighi was one of the most prominent Iranian sculptors and painters, and was popularly known as Master Sadighi.

After finishing his primary education, he started painting and drawing without the guidance of a teacher. His love for the art later brought him under the tutelage of Master Kamal-al-Molk Ghaffari (1845-1940).

Shortly after, he found interest in sculpture. In 1950, Sadighi accepted membership in the National Art Works Society and entered the most creative period of his life.

He made many enduring statues of celebrated Iranian men of literature and science such as Sa’di of Shiraz, Ferdowsi of Tus, the great philosopher and physician Abu Ali Sina (Avicenna), and the bronze statue of former king Nader Shah accompanied by his horseman, which was cast in Milan, Italy.

The most important of his works during that period was the statue of Ferdowsi, which was set up in the Villa Borghese Square in Rome and made the sculptor well known to European art societies.