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Photos Capture Damage to Environment by man

Photos Capture Damage to Environment by manPhotos Capture Damage to Environment by man

A photo collection by Iranian photographer, Mohammad Rezqi was recently on view at Arte Gallery in Tehran.

Titled ‘Pieces of the Land,’ the exhibition included 25 items, in three different sizes, portraying Iran’s natural landscapes that are subject to human destruction, Honaronline reported.

“The project began when I first started capturing environment destruction in Qom Salt Lake with an analogue camera. Later, it extended to the pollution in the Caspian Sea and coastal areas and the deserts of Khorasan Province,” Rezqi said.

Most of the photos reflect mankind’s destructive role of the environment. “I tried to symbolically show how man is breaking up nature into pieces, as the title suggests.”

There are numerous artists in Iran who work on the subject; however, what is unique about Rezqi’s works is that he has combined triptych and diptych painting techniques with environmental art and created a panoramic look in the photos.

His works show both the beauty of nature and the ugly face of environmental pollution and degradation caused by mankind.

The artist said that the exhibition would be in several series and he is currently working on the degradation of forests and mountains.