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Taliban Oppression on Stage

Taliban Oppression on StageTaliban Oppression on Stage

A pathological play, ‘Rooster’, directed by Sara Karimian Eqbal is on stage at Da Theater Hall in Tehran.

Written by Iranian playwright, Mohammad Rahmanian, the play tries to investigate the harmful effects of war from a sociological point of view, Honaronline reports.

It is a holistic view of the phenomenon of war, said the director. “However the audiences are drawn to the Taliban attacks on the Afghan people.”

The story unravels in a rural family in the Afghan Province of Panjshir, which is in the middle of the war. The focus is on the injustices on women, which is only a part of the real life, Eqbal said.

From 1996 to 2001, the fundamentalist Taliban held power in the country and enforced the hard-line Wahhabi interpretation of Islamic law. The medieval militia was in control of most of the country until it was overthrown by the American-led invasion in December 2001 following the September 11 attacks on the United States that reportedly killed 3,000 people.

The attackers, mostly Saudi nationals, had reportedly trained in Taliban territory.

The Taliban were condemned internationally for their brutal repression of women. They forbade women from being educated and girls were forced to leave schools and colleges.

The play focuses mostly on women’s issues in wartime and also reflects the director’s concerns as a woman. “The play takes no position and pictures the harms of war from a social perspective,” said Eqbal. Afghan local music has been added to the show.

Raha Moqaddam, Behnam Momeni, Ehsan Tayeb and Karimian are the cast.

The play will run through February 19 at the hall located at No. 26, Jahanmehr St., Shahid Gomnam Ave., Fatemi Square.