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‘The City of Zombies’ on Stage

‘The City of Zombies’ on Stage‘The City of Zombies’ on Stage

The play ‘The City of Zombies’, written and directed by Alireza Nazer-Fasihi is on stage at Mehrab Theater Hall in Tehran.

A production of ‘Bedaheh’ (literally improvisation) theater group, the play is partially improvised by the actors during the performance, Honaronline quoted the director as saying.

The idea first came from a TV series with a similar subject, Nazer-Fasihi said. The story is a symbolic description of a city, whose residents are devoid of emotions. “I believe our society is getting closer to such emotionless characteristics.”

A simple and realistic theater, the play is staged without any background music or decor. “Content and form are the highlights and the actors take the part of several characters, at times having to rapidly change their role,” he said.

Nasim Lalari and Ali Tabe’-Emam along with Nazer-Fasihi are the cast of the 45-minute play.

‘Bedaheh’ theater group was launched in 1993 at the Cinema and Theater Faculty of Tehran University of Art. ‘WC’, ‘The Boss’, ‘Grand Story of War’, ‘Godfather’ and ‘1380’ are among its performances.

‘The City of Zombies’ will be on stage until February 19 at the hall, located at Imam Khomeini Crossroad, Vali-e-Asr Avenue.