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Mustafa Ghalwash (1938-2016)

Mustafa Ghalwash (1938-2016)Mustafa Ghalwash (1938-2016)

Prominent Egyptian Qur’an qari (reciter) Ragheb Mustafa Ghalwash passed away on Thursday, February 4, in a hospital in Egypt.

Master Ghalwash, a senior member of Egypt’s Qur’an Reciters and Memorizers Association, who was suffering from an illness for a long time, died at the age of 77, IQNA reported.

He learned the entire Qur’an by heart in his early teenage years and started reciting verses of the holy book in different places at the age of 16 and became an official qari of Egypt’s national radio and television at 24.

Ghalwash travelled to different countries for Qur’an recitation including the Arab countries of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE as well as France, Canada, the UK and the US. He was among the first Egyptian qaris who visited Iran after the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

Besides his Qur’an recitations which are very popular among Iranians, his beautiful Adhan (call to prayers) recitation is still heard from Iran’s state TV and radio as well as mosques at prayer times. During his visits to Iran, he met the Leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei who praised Ghalwash’s beautiful recitations.