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Giving Voice to Victims of Violence

Giving Voice to Victims of ViolenceGiving Voice to Victims of Violence

The play “A Memory, A Monologue, A Cry and A Prayer” is on stage from Thursday at Entezami House Museum in Tehran.

Director of the play, Mehrdad Khamenei, said it has to be seen “as a social phenomenon to which theater has made a contribution rather than a mere stage production.”

The play is a creative collection of monologues written by world renowned playwrights. An author, playwright and activist, Eve Ensler collected these monologues in a series in line with the V-Day movement which started in 1998 to end violence against women, Honaronline reported.

“The voices in the monologues have gathered to reveal and expose violence in all its forms and manifestations,” said Khamenei, adding that the authors of the monologues gave their works to social activists in order to fight global violence and give a voice to the victims.

The Exit theater group, of which Khamenei is a member, has joined the movement since 2008 and has supported it by performing a play every year in Norway and Germany. The plays are directed by him.

This year, the group joined the official organizers of V-day to stage the play in Tehran, he said.

“I believe the audience should not look at this performance as drama or theater. Rather, it presents a social issue and I consider this aspect as among the most significant social functions of theater.”

Khamenei says monologue is one of the most intimate and honest forms of drama as well as one of the most difficult to perform.

The success of a monologue performance is firstly determined by the text and secondly, the performance of the actors.

“Monologue is greatly actor-dependent. It demonstrates an actor’s ability to prepare a piece and deliver a performance. To me, this is the best form of theater.”

Violence against women is not just women’s issue. Men too can play an influential role. Violence impacts both, he said.

The play starts at 7 p.m. daily at the venue in Qeytariyeh, and will run till February 21.