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‘Itsy-Bitsy’ in Thailand

‘Itsy-Bitsy’ in Thailand‘Itsy-Bitsy’ in Thailand

An Iranian puppet show ‘Nim-Vajabi’ (Itsy-Bitsy) directed by Amir Mashhadi-Abbas will participate in the Harmony - World Puppet Carnival slated to be held from November 1 to 10.

Performed in Tehran, Shiraz, and Zahedan, ‘Nim-Vajabi’ will go on stage on November 7 in Bangkok, MNA reported.

A work of art group ‘7-5-1’, it is a musical show about an infant who should spend one whole day with her father, creating incredible experiences for him. Behnaz Mehdikhah and Hamidreza Hosein-Ali, the two actors perform in the show along with the puppet ‘Nim-Vajabi’.

On the occasion of Shakespeare’s commemoration at the festival, the participating groups will perform a short piece each from one of Shakespeare’s works. The Iranian group has selected an act from ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ the director said.

 Global Presence

The World Puppet Carnival produces carnivals and festivals around the globe. This year, Thailand is hosting the festival.

Over 100 productions from 80 countries all over the world have been selected to perform in Bangkok. Thailand is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and home of the famous Thai Traditional Puppet Theatre.

The program includes traditional, classic, new, innovative and experimental puppetry. Groups, duos, and solo performers with big or small performances will show their talent to the world and learn about each other’s puppetry culture.

Valuable prizes from $1000 up to $10,000 for the Harmony Gran Prix Award will be awarded by an intercontinental jury in 13 categories.