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‘Baharan’ Portrays Life of War Martyr

‘Baharan’ Portrays Life of War Martyr ‘Baharan’ Portrays Life of War Martyr

The animation ‘Baharan’ depicts the story of an assassination attempt on a nuclear scientist, and narrates the memoirs of Iranian war martyr Mohammad Jahanara, totaling 39 episodes in all.

‘Baharan’ is portrayed in three seasons, with each revolving around one decade after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, MNA quoted director Hamed Hajmolla-Ali as saying. “The story begins with an attack on a nuclear scientist which sends him into coma; while in coma, he has flashbacks of his life when he was young and first heard Imam Khomeini’s call for “construction jihad,” he added.

The first season’s 13 episodes take place mostly in a remote village where the scientist was involved in construction jihad activities. “Parallel to this story, we also follow the present events,” the director said.

The second season is about the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) says the director. “Since our main character is from Khorramshahr, he leaves the village to return to his city as the war begins, where he meets Jahanara.”

 Only Character

“Jahanara is the only character based on a real person in the animation and all incidents taking place in Khorramshahr have been depicted from his memoir” Hajmolla-Ali said. The animation writer, Zahra Mousavi spoke to one of Jahanara’s fellow soldiers to gather the information required.

Mohammad Jahanara (1955-1982) was one of the commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, during the war, who was killed in a plane crash.

To make the animation more appealing for the younger audience, the director says the character of the scientist has a sense of humor and the events happening in the village are “funny and interesting”.

Baharan is produced in three seasons of 13 episodes each by Saba Animation Center and the first season is scheduled to be aired on TV during the 10-day Fajr period (February 1-11, 2015).