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Nostalgia on Canvas

Nostalgia on CanvasNostalgia on Canvas

A painting collection by artist Zahra Sayyad-Noqretab will open on Friday (Feb 5) at Honar-e Iran Art Gallery in Tehran.

The exhibition ‘My Nostalgic City, Anzali’, presents 19 oil paintings on canvas, which mostly feature local fishermen and boats, Honaronline reports.

Bandar-e Anzali is a port city in Gilan Province. It is a center of caviar production in Iran, so fishing is a major vocation of the residents.

Born in the port city of Anzali, the artist sees the city and its beautiful natural landscapes as her subjects. “Fishermen, the well-known Anzali Lagoon, fishing boats, the different seasons, nature, and birds are among the elements in my paintings.”

The works are the creations of her “burning passion for her hometown” and depict her nostalgic impression of the city.

“After taking photos of different parts of the city, I depict the shots on canvas, with some changes,” the artist says.

Grey and dark blue hues are seen in almost all the works that could be interpreted as the lack of warmth between people that is on the wane and “inevitable in today’s fast developing world.”

The exhibition will run through February 10 at the venue, located at No. 17, Khark St., Hafez St., Enqelab Avenue.