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Visual Art at Laleh Gallery

Visual Art at Laleh GalleryVisual Art at Laleh Gallery

A group visual art exhibition at Laleh gallery in Tehran opened on January 29.

Titled ‘Unlimited’, the collection includes 30 illustrations by 15 young artists. As a series of visual experiences, the paintings are focused on technique and material, besides forms, Honaronline reported.

Creative forms in drawing are an important element in illustrations of any kind, from volume art and edited photos to collage photography, said exhibition curator Saba Gilaki.

Today, there is no clear-cut demarcation between different branches of contemporary art as they are all linked, said Gilaki.

The items are a window to a new world, providing visitors with perspectives different from the routine and mundane.

In an introduction to the exhibition, Gilaki said: Works of art, as a window to new concepts, create thoughts which can take one to a world of unlimited creativity. But, to understand contemporary art and categorize it, earlier artworks should be studied.”

Marzieh Baqaei, Mona Torabi Seresht, Amir Mahmoudian, Mehrdad Karimi, Safa Kasaei, Hamound Alipour and Zohreh Hosseini are among the artists showcasing their work.

The exhibition runs until February 10 at the gallery, located next to Laleh Hotel, Dr. Fatemi Avenue.