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‘Parallel Dualities’ in Photo Exhibit

‘Parallel Dualities’ in Photo Exhibit‘Parallel Dualities’ in Photo Exhibit

A solo photo exhibition by artist Kamyar Minoukadeh was held at Tehran’s Sayeh Art Gallery recently.

A display of 16 digital color and black-and-white photos in eight pairs of “urban minimal abstracts,” were selected from among a 32-photo collection, under the title ‘Parallel Dualities,’ Honaronline quoted the artist as saying.

Minoukadeh said: “Each pair shows a sort of symbiotic relation in terms of form, concept, subject, space and time.”

The collection took several years to complete. The items displayed were created between 2007 and 2015. “I didn’t really mean to present my works in pairs but I found an implicit connection between some of the photos taken during my trips to different regions in Iran and abroad.”

He pointed to a photo pair, one captured in the picturesque Taleqan County in Iran’s Alborz Province and the other in Gothenburg in Sweden, as an example.

“The items are urban minimal and abstract photos, showing human or human traces, and nature, and creating a new concept in an interrelationship.”

The only editing included color and brightness adjustments and “there was no erasing or insertion to the pictures.”

He said he would compile a photo book of the collection soon.