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Mexican Play at Baran Theater

Mexican Play at Baran TheaterMexican Play at Baran Theater

The play ‘The Ring of General Macias’, directed by Mehdi Pashaei, will go on stage at Baran Theater Hall in Tehran from February 4.

Written by the contemporary Mexican-born Anglo-American playwright and novelist, Josefina Niggli (1910–1983), the play, which is set during the war, focuses on the theme of loyalty and betrayal, and in a way looks at  modern-day militant groups like the ISIS , Mehr News Agency reports.

The story unravels in the luxurious house of General Macias just outside Mexico City in 1912 during the Mexican Revolution when loyalty and treason are key issues.

The Mexican Revolution started in 1910, when Mexican revolutionary Francisco Madero rose against dictatorship and its unjust system that caused many of the citizens (farmers) to suffer and die of hunger. It is considered one of the most important revolutions in the history of the 20th century.

Raquel, the main character, is one night disturbed by two spies Andres and Cleto from the Revolutionary Army who take refuge in her mansion. She discovers from them that her husband (a prominent general in the Federal Army) deliberately betrayed his own country in order to have his life spared. When soldiers of the Federal Army barge into the house, Raquel is obliged to hide the spies. As a reward, Andres decides to deliver a message to her husband. But, Raquel has already made up her mind to murder the spies. Thus, she remains loyal to her government and preserves her husband’s honor.

Battlefield atmosphere is a key element of the stage setting, Pashaei said. The play is a realistic story, and the characters, along with the special decoration seek “to picture today’s extremist elements and the ISIS is a good example.”

Marjan Shirmohammadi, Alireza Mehran, Majid Nouruzi, Sadaf Nourmohammad and Mehdi Pashai are in the cast.

The hall is located at No 292, after Enqelab Ave., Felestin Avenue.