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Eco-Friendly Elements in Ukrainian Designs

Eco-Friendly Elements in Ukrainian DesignsEco-Friendly Elements in Ukrainian Designs

Apparel designs by Ukrainian designer, Irina Dzhus, are on view at Platform28 art gallery in Tehran.

Designs are presented on paper prints from the catalogue as well as mannequins draped in austere silhouettes and two screen displays, one set on the wall and the other on the floor.

“I was inspired by the concept of ‘Totalitarium’ derived from the technocratic ideology, promoted by totalitarian regimes in the first half of the 20th century,” the artist said, IRNA reported.

Books on art history, tailoring manuals and fashion journals are also on display.

The outfits feature grey hues and technical textures. The geometrical pleats are an interpretation of architectural elements of ‘Constructivism and Totalitarian Classicism’.

The garments are made of working uniform cottons as well as fabrics, common to those times, such as woolen knit and felt. Special finishing, including raw hems and exposed seam allowances, some piped with elastic, highlights the technical nature of the designs.

‘DZHUS’ the brand mark of the artist’s conceptual wear was launched in 2010. Each piece carries a distinctive ideological message. “The brand’s customers are perfectionists who seek a complementary form for their own inner thoughts.”

“An eco-friendly brand, the products are made of vegan-friendly materials,” the artist said.

The gallery is located at No. 28, Khaqani St., Enqelab Ave., and the exhibit runs till January 29.