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Nature’s Forces in Abstract Paintings

Nature’s Forces in Abstract Paintings
Nature’s Forces in Abstract Paintings

A solo painting exhibition by Pantea Cyrus will open at the 26 Art Gallery in north of Tehran on January 29.

The gallery will host her large-scale abstract paintings, similar to her previous works, which can be interpreted as the galaxy, nature, whirlpool, etc. in which emerging or disappearing figures can be observed by the viewers, Honaronline reported.

The young artist who has held over 15 solo and group exhibitions in Tehran and Sydney believes that she portrays nature and natural forces in her creations.

“I would like to use cold colors, water and different tones of gray colors; these are more meaningful, sensational and deep. I prefer to transfer my senses rather than logic. It is you who has to think about the art pieces, and that is why there are no titles for my paintings; I do not want to lead the viewer’s minds in any direction,” Cyrus said.

Born in Tehran, Cyrus, 42, is a graduate of industrial design from Tehran’s Islamic Azad University. Interested in painting from childhood, she attended classes of the master painter Aidin Aghadashlu from 1992 to 1997.

Beginning with watercolor and creating mostly figurative works, she has used acrylics in the past eight years and changed her style to create abstract works.

Besides painting, she took up acting in 2010, performing in a film ‘Everything is Alright Here’ by Pooria Azarbaijani which brought her the award for the best supporting actress at the Jasmine Film Festival.

Cyrus continued acting in three more TV series and currently is playing in Abdolreza Kahani’s last film ‘Sincerely, Nazanin, Bahareh, Tina’

The exhibit will run until February 3 at the gallery, located at No. 6, Salmanpur-Zahir St., East Farmanieh Ave.