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2 Books on Tehran History Unveiled

2 Books on Tehran History Unveiled
2 Books on Tehran History Unveiled

The first volume of the collection of oral history of Tehran, titled ‘Salsabil’, authored by Masoumeh Javadi-Nasab, was unveiled along with ‘Old Tehran’ by Nasrollah Haddadi, at a ceremony at the weekend in the Iranian Art Museum Garden in Tehran.

Published by Miras-e Ahl-e Qalam publication house, ‘Salsabil’ has taken a unique ethnographic approach in its coverage of the history of the capital’s old neighborhood by the same name, and other areas in municipal district 10, Mehr News Agency reported.

The volume includes unpublished photos from the 1950s and introduces the neighborhood and its salient features and prominent residents.

The ceremony, organized by Tehran Municipality’s Social and Cultural Department, was attended by Reza Davari Ardakani, head of the Academy of Sciences of Iran, Seyed Abdollah Anvar, author and translator and Ahmad Masjed Jamei, member of the Tehran City Council among others.

Researchers and experts in Tehran studies have noted in the book that “it is the result of the author’s valuable endeavors in narrating the lives of the people and the neighborhood. This is, by no means, an easy feat, and requires endurance, rarely found these days. Such efforts by young researchers are promising.”

Haddadi, a veteran historian and Reza Kianian, TV and cinema actor, have written the introduction to the book.

Javadi-Nasab’s resume also includes ‘Heliopolis’ (2013), another history book, holding of the solo photo exhibition ‘China’s Tradition and Modernity ‘ (2010) at Sullivan Gallery in Tehran, ‘Lebanon’s Civilization’ photo exhibition at Iranian Academy of Arts (2012) and ‘Heliopolis’ photo exhibition (2013) in Avicenna cultural house.