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Japan Cultural Week

Japan Cultural Week
Japan Cultural Week

The Japan Cultural Week (January 22 to 28), is underway in Tehran and Isfahan provinces in collaboration with the Japanese Embassy, Roudaki Foundation and the Culture Ministry’s Performing Arts Department.

A performance by renowned Japanese pianist Etsuko Hirose at Tehran’s Roudaki Hall on January 24, was part of the program, Honaronline reported.

In addition, Kohmi Hirose, who won the first prize for young pianists at the International Frederic Francois Chopin Competition in Moscow, performed in Isfahan at the Armen Educational Complex on January 25. Earlier, Vahdat Hall in Tehran hosted ‘The Dance of the Shadow’ and ‘Dazzle’ by Japanese performers.

The week will wrap up on January 28 at Tehran’s Arasbaran Cultural Center with a ‘Japan Day’ ceremony, which is to be held in two parts, for children and adults. Wearing Japan’s traditional garments, calligraphy art in Japanese script, origami craft and baking traditional cookies, are programs planned for the children, while adults can indulge in martial arts, flower decoration, traditional Japanese music and short films.

Japanese paintings and origami are also on display at Arasbaran.