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Seyhoun Gallery Online Auction

Seyhoun Gallery Online AuctionSeyhoun Gallery Online Auction

Seyhoun Art Gallery in Tehran will launch the seventh edition of its online auction on January 31 for 10 days.

Works by contemporary Iranian artists will be put on sale with their base price 40% below the sale price at the gallery, Mehr News agency quoted Nader Seyhoun, gallery manager, as saying.

The online auction provides a platform for art enthusiasts to bid and buy Iranian modern and contemporary art at a lower rate.

A total of 113 works - paintings, calligraphy, photos, sculptures and street art - by over 100 young and veteran artists have been collected by the gallery. Although there are works by Iranian masters of art, the highest prices range between $7000 and $10,000 as “we have offered a 40% discount on all the lots,” Seyhoun noted.

After 10 days of the auction, the artworks will be sold to the highest bidders.

Both Iranians and foreigners are among the buyers, Seyhoun said. Since the auction is held online, it will allow Iranian expatriates and foreigners interested in Iranian art to bid for the works.

Artists whose works are on sale include Hannibal Alkhas, Farideh Lashai, Nasser Oveissi, Mojtaba Ramzi, Behzad Shishegaran, Jazeh Tabatabai, Ali Taraghijah, Aneh Mohammad Tatari and Sadegh Tirafkan among others.

Established in 1966, Seyhoun Art Gallery has proved to be one of the pioneers and most influential centers for Iranian Art in Tehran, holding exceptional exhibitions and events throughout the years.

One of the most recent activities of the gallery, introduced in 2012 and running since then, is the online auction which is also a first of its kind in Iran’s art scene.

The auction aims to offer a new definition for art evaluation, by presenting higher quality artworks at reasonable prices and in an easy way to access for art enthusiasts.