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‘Secrets’ at Vali Gallery

‘Secrets’ at Vali Gallery‘Secrets’ at Vali Gallery

The Vali Art Gallery in Tehran is hosting “Secrets”, a collection of abstract paintings by Reza Malekzadeh.

The exhibition opened on Friday and 15 oil paintings “all stemming from my mind are on display,” Malekzadeh told Honaronline.

The main concept of the collection “is the conceptual layers marked by ambiguous images. They are the secrets of my inner thoughts that are projected in the works,” he said.

“My thoughts are closer to Mawlana (Rumi) than any other Persian poet. His ideas have deeply influenced me and my works,” the artist said.

He added that he may not be able to describe that impact clearly but “I identify the most with his poems which have somehow found their way into my creativity.”

On the use of color and form in his paintings, Malekzadeh said he sometimes spend days or weeks on a single painting.

“In fact, color and form take shape in my mind impromptu. I paint the honesty inside me and that is the reason I prefer abstract painting over other styles.”

Malekzadeh, 53, learned painting from masters such as Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari, Rezvan Sadeqzadeh and Alireza Sami’-Azar.

The current exhibition is his first solo. The gallery is situated at No. 72, Khodami Street, Vanak Square.